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15 Mar 2021 -
  22 Mar 2021
When you try tutorials and how-to's for products written by the vendor, they:
8 Mar 2021 -
  15 Mar 2021
What's your current dress standard for work?
Things have changed a little for most of us. How's your dress standard evolved over this time for meetings (real or virtual) with co-workers and clients?
1 Mar 2021 -
  8 Mar 2021
How do you complete a jigsaw puzzle?
There's more than one way to skin that cat.
22 Feb 2021 -
  1 Mar 2021
Do you dabble in Python?
The language de jour at the moment. Do you use it?
15 Feb 2021 -
  22 Feb 2021
Does your manager bug you after hours to fix stuff?
8 Feb 2021 -
  15 Feb 2021
Where do you find docs to help you learn a new technology?
Learning a new product or framework can be hard work. Where do you find the best help?
1 Feb 2021 -
  8 Feb 2021
Do you enjoy working on your current main coding project?
Whether it's maintenance on an old '80s accounting package or the latest AI based game engine. There's joy (and pain) in all things. If you're working on multiple projects, think about your favourite.
25 Jan 2021 -
  1 Feb 2021
You're asked to maintain a simple program written in a technology you're unfamiliar with. What do you do?
We don't always get to stay in our comfort zones.
18 Jan 2021 -
  25 Jan 2021
Heading back to an office or staying home?
Once we're all allowed back in the building, will you be heading back or staying home?
11 Jan 2021 -
  18 Jan 2021
Do you use regular expressions in your apps?
A massive time saving shortcut that provides code efficiency, or an efficient way to introduce errors. A tool is only as good as the hands that wield it.
4 Jan 2021 -
  11 Jan 2021
What features are most important to you in a programming language?
Not an exhaustive list by any means. Comment to add what's missing for you.
28 Dec 2020 -
  4 Jan 2021
What are your New Year resolutions?
If there was a "Next" button on 2020 I would have clicked it a long time ago.
21 Dec 2020 -
  28 Dec 2020
All I want for Christmas is...
A year to really come to terms with what's actually important.
14 Dec 2020 -
  21 Dec 2020
What's your preference: coding solo or coding as a team?
There's something to be said for having someone help you dig the trenches. There's also something to be said with not having to have a conversation about every line of code.
7 Dec 2020 -
  14 Dec 2020
What will you be doing over the end of year break?
Pet projects, catch up from the previous 12 months, or maybe just an actual break. What's the plan?
30 Nov 2020 -
  7 Dec 2020
What Mobile app UI/UX fails annoy you the most?
Not that we like being negative, but sometimes it pays to highlight the things NOT to do.
23 Nov 2020 -
  30 Nov 2020
What do Developers buy during the Black Friday sales?
Thanksgiving this week is US only, but the Black Friday sales have spread well beyond their borders. What's in your shopping cart this year?
16 Nov 2020 -
  23 Nov 2020
When do you install operating system updates?
As programmers we're meant to be smart about these things...
9 Nov 2020 -
  16 Nov 2020
Who does your IT support these days?
With many of us still working remotely, what are your options when we have system and hardware issues?
2 Nov 2020 -
  9 Nov 2020
Webinars: What would entice you to attend?
We're living our life via webcams these days. What would convince you to spend another hour in front of the screen? Assume it's on a topic you might be interested in.

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